Marketing Is Everything, Marketing With The Right System Is The Key To Your Success!

January 20, 2009

When the Betamax first came out it was the best video tape machine ever. You could record audio at CD quality, and the video was pretty good too. VHS wasn’t nearly as good but as we all know, nobody was using Beta except for the Canadians and it died. When the personal computer came into everybody’s home, IBM used Microsoft Disk Operating System(MS-DOS) and Applle had the Macs. Again, Mac was by far the best of the two systems, but nobody except the Canadians and a few graphical artists used the Macs, and the Mac died…. well almost. Apple came out with iPods, then the new iMacs and now the iPhone and they’re are back on the map.
The fact of the matter is that because you might have the best product, or compensation plan, or business, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best marketing system because marketing is everything!
VHS and PC’s were promoted with the best marketing, sold more and over-powered the best of it’s kind. And you can do the same with the right marketing system.
Check out MLMSystemPro and you’ll see that you can rise to the top and beat out the competition, just because you are the best doesn’t mean you’ll WIN the competition.

To Your Success,
David Dube

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